Your Child Can Now Understand Reverse Concepts Like 1x10 Is The Same As 10x1

Your Child Can Now Understand Reverse Concepts Like 1x10 Is The Same As 10x1

Your little one is exposed to mathematics everyday. Numeracy is the ability to apply math concepts in all areas of life and there are endless ways you and your child can do this together. At this age, he is mostly able to understand that ten ones is the same as 1 ten. So with his growing mindset he will be able to understand the part and will do accordingly.
What you need to know
Maths is something which needs guidance, and along with your child's teacher you can also guide him. So the role you have to play here is the most important one. You have to give him practical examples for him to understand the concept clearly. Once the concept becomes clear, he will start loving math. This will also effect his learning in other subjects. By applying every day examples, math or any other subject will be a cake walk for him.

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