Your Child Can Now Use And Understand Passive Sentences

At this stage, your kiddo might be aware of the sounds that make up words. Your child may know some or all sounds that are used with different letters of the alphabets. He might also be able to understand and combine different letters to form words and combine words to form active sentences. Your sweetie pie is over 7 years old and now he might start to use and understand passive sentences as well.Your Child Can Now Use And Understand Passive Sentences

What you need to know:

At this point, you will notice that your kid can easily follow three step directions now. But when it comes to describing pictures, he might be still confused. He might also have trouble with understanding pronoun references. But he might have a good understanding of sentence construction now. He might also understand that a single word can have different meanings and might start to rely on the context of the word to find out its meaning. It is a great way to understand that your kiddo is developing his language and literacy skills. It is also a positive sign that he is developing his reading skills.




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