Your Child Can Now Use Mimic To Improve His Language Skills

Your child is developing both mentally and physically. He can now understand commands and emotions in a better way. You need to work on the child’s interactive side so that he can polish his language.

What you need to know

Your Child Can Now Use Mimic To Improve His Language Skills

Your little one is learning about speech and vocabulary in school but as a mother you need to practice these two elements with your kid at home. Have you ever offered the child with a role play task? This is a good way to build child’s language abilities along with observation skills. You can ask the child to imitate a known person and speak at least 5 lines just like them. Let the child take his time to prepare his mimic. You can also take part in this task so as to boost the confidence of the child.

Make sure you use proper grammar and sentences so that the child can learn. There are numerous story books available which can be referred for role play activities. You can ask the child to prepare any character from that book and also ensure that your child doesn’t make any grammatical mistake. Correct him when he goes wrong. This is a good way to refine the child’s interactive skills.

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