Your Child Can Now Use Non-Verbal Communication For Bonding

Your Child Can Now Use Non-Verbal Communication For Bonding

Your child is achieving things fast! Congratulations! He can now communicate non-verbally too. He may not shout at the top of his voice about something he is feeling and thinking about, but the body language will speak volumes.

What you need to know 
Non verbal communication is an important part of a child’s development. It can be both positive and negative. A child can show signs of extreme happiness with a loud laugh or can get into a shell following a disappointing incident. In both cases, the child may not express himself through words, but be loud and clear with his actions, giving away his emotional and mental state.

You need to slowly observe and understand your child’s non verbal communication. You need to understand that he is probably struggling with his own feelings in several layers. Rather than asking him, ask yourself first, how you can help him. For eg. if he is low, give him a hug rather than asking ten times as to what is wrong. This will make him comfortable and give him the confidence to confide in you. Understanding a child’s non verbal gestures is must in order to bring out the best in him. An eye contact, tone of voice, confidence, and general body language are things that speak volumes about your child’s state of mind. Understanding these and comprehending will take you a step closer to him and will help build a bond that stands on a ground of sheer understanding and trust. Such a parent and child bond is extremely beneficial for the wholesome development of the child in the long run.

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