Your Child Can Now Use Spoon And Fork More Effectively

Your Child Can Now Use Spoon And Fork More Effectively
Gross motor
At this stage, your little one might love to be physical all the time, that means he might love to skip, run, climb and dance. In fact, anything that’s new and that won’t require him to sit still for too long. Your kiddo is 3 years old , and now he might be running full steam until he completely runs out of energy, at which point he will collapse somewhere, utterly exhausted. 
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your child might now manage to eat his meals by himself and can now hold his fork and spoon properly. It is a great way to understand that your kiddo is developing gross motor skills and learning skills. It is also a positive sign that sweetie pie is developing eye and hand coordination skills as well.
However, always remember that your kiddo is still learning new skills. So try to be patient and calm with him. Ensure that he has plenty of physical freedom, where he can develop some independence. Also teach your kiddo some skills that will open new doors for him, like how to swim, how to pedal a bike, how to hit a ball with a bat. Give him the space to work things out for himself. Let him try to eat everything by himself, even if he is making himself and surroundings dirty. In this way he will build his self-esteem, if he can work something out, on his own.
Allow him, the time he needs to ‘get things right’ himself.
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