Your Child Can Now Write In Upper And Lower Case

Your child would have started school by now. Excitement for your kid going to school comes from the fact that he can learn to read and write. You can see him identifying new words by sight and reading his book with fluency and also enjoy labeling and drawing objects.

What you need to know

At this point your child should be able to copy shapes, letters, numbers and also write their first name. write words without omitting letters. You can see them writing in both upper and lower case letters. He will be able to understand what sound each letter makes and this in turn will help him sound out words and also write them.

Your Child Can Now Write In Upper And Lower Case

What you can do

Each child develops at their own pace. It is impossible to predict exactly when and how they will achieve it. If you feel that your child is lagging behind, then do not worry. You can always help out your child by making him practice at home. Encourage your child to take time to write letters and not rush through. You can make practice worksheets with both upper and lower case letters. Give your child a book and suggest writing in it. And never forget to praise the effort that your child has put in to achieve the task.

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