Your Child Can Now Write Some Letters

In this age group, majority of children now know more than half of the upper case alphabet letters and 5-10 lower case letters. With this understanding, your little one will link some letters with their sounds. When it comes to writing, he is able to write some legible letters and knows that writing goes from left to right. Also, from top to bottom.

What you need to know

Start with straight letters, after that curvy ones and then diagonals.  First: E F H I L T, then B C D G J O P Q S U and finally A K M N R V W X Y Z.

Your Child Can Now Write Some Letters

Help him improve his fine motor skills by encouraging him to draw often. Provide various writing tools like crayons, chalk and let him build hand strength. Working with play dough is another way to build those small hand muscles. 

Its very important for your child to have knowledge of letters(visual images). Along with reinforcing of letters with sounds, he will try to reproduce them on paper. You can invest in letter flashcards, charts, practice sheets on letter tracing, etc. for practice at home.

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