Your Child Can Possibly Draw Detailed Pictures With Recognizable Objects

At this stage, your child‘s mind is full of many known things. Now she is able to recognize and co-relate objects. Your little one’s ability and maturity progresses at a defined pace. Henceforth, she can draw recognizable objects with a lot of detailing.

What you can do

Now that she has developed the ability to draw pictures very much similar to the actual objects, your child starts developing an interest for art. She is also likely to try to experiment with paints and spend more time in drawing and colouring.

Your Child Can Possibly Draw Detailed Pictures With Recognizable Objects

Some children express themselves through drawing. Now if you want to enhance her skills then give her some appraisal whenever she draws something nice. Encourage her to do better drawing. Encouragement and appreciation always acts as a great influence in the development of your kid. Let her draw whenever she wants. A good work builds in the self-esteem and confidence in your child.

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