Your Child Can Slowly Ace Some Puzzle Games

Your Child Can Slowly Ace Some Puzzle Games
Shape recognition

Your child has now learnt to recognize shapes and basic patterns. It is the age when they should be taught things to enhance their intellectual abilities. Make the child perform various activities that target their logical powers, and in this context, the best thing to start with is puzzles.

What you need to know

You can start with introducing the kid to simple puzzles. Use lesser segment puzzles so that the child can develop an understanding. You have to demonstrate to your child how it is done. Let the child observe and learn. This space is very important as the little one must use their mind to complete the puzzle.

Once they have perfected how to complete basic puzzles then you can start off with slightly complicated ones. This is a fun way to teach the kid about focus and using their brain to complete the puzzle. Never let the kid lose hope if they fail to join the pieces together. Be their teacher and guide and motivate them at every point.

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