Your Child Can Tell Which Container Has More Toys And Which Less

At this point, your child has developed independence from family and is more inclined towards, learning grasping and making most of his time with friends’ toys and plays. This age is very crucial for your child as he is developing most of the analytical skills. His brain is working round the clock in all directions as to what would be his next plan of action.

What you need to know:

Your Child Can Tell Which Container Has More Toys And Which Less

At this age, your kiddo's cognitive development is at its peak and he is always restless to do something or the other, it is right time to intoxicate his mind with all good thoughts and things. The tasks which seemed herculean are now completed in a jiffy. Your kiddo, probably a school goer has learnt concepts like less and more, up and down, etc. in his school but to master these skills you must initiate certain activities that requires just time and no money. As your child now is aware of his likes and dislikes and feelings towards food objects and other things, take a lead in imbibing best of humanitarian and moral value along with perfecting his theories. 




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