Your Child Can Undress And Is Beginning To Learn How To Dress Themselves

Your child, at this age, has started showing improvements in an area that you can call "self-care skills." The ability to dress and undress is an important aspect of independence and his growth and your child is all set for it.

What you need to know

Your Child Can Undress And Is Beginning To Learn How To Dress Themselves

On average, a child will be able to take off at least a few articles of clothing at around 24 months. A few children’s might be able to undress themselves earlier, as soon as 18 months, while other healthy kids may not be able to undress until much later. Like all other milestones, undressing is something that kids may begin doing sooner or later than average, depending on their personalities and interests. This is approximately the average age at which kids begins undressing themselves completely, so it's clear that your child outgrew the delay. On average, a child can undress themselves entirely sometime between 30 and 40 months of age.

Checking for developmental delays

At about 30 months, you may decide to check with an expert for an evaluation, if your child is still not able for this and has other mild developmental delays. Mentioned to the occupational therapist the fact that your child couldn't undress or dress themselves at all without help. You may learn that your child’s skills in this area were slightly behind average, but not severe enough to warrant ongoing occupational therapy.

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