Your Child Could Be Getting A Little Hyperactive Now

Your Child Could Be Getting A Little Hyperactive Now

At this stage, your child could be a little hyperactive. If you see your little one constantly interrupting conversations, moving around quickly, clumsily, impatiently, having trouble sitting in one place, it could probably be because of a condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). It is generally seen in children between toddlerhood and 7 years of age.

What you can do

The first step to addressing this problem is to recognize the signs and symptoms. Try to learn and understand his behaviour pattern and connect with him. You can consider martial arts or yoga classes to calm your child’s mind and improve concentration. Spot his patterns and trigger factors. For example, if his activity levels raise as night falls or if he has a hard time falling asleep, it is probably because he is overtired.

Recognizing the trigger allows you to modify strategies like in this case you can try changing his bedtime routine so that he can have full night’s sleep. Understanding more about what is going on with your child will help you address the issue, rather than reacting to it.

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