Your Child Does Need Few Punishments To Be Disciplined

Your Child Does Need Few Punishments To Be Disciplined

Your child is likely to be quite adamant about a few things at this stage, and to fix the same, he needs some age-appropriate punishments from you. There are occasions when punishing your child probably remains the ultimate resort. Whether you like it or not, the situation demands that you make your child understand and make your point with some form of punishment. But, reprimanding your child is going to do no good. So, why not try some age-appropriate punishments that will not harm the child at all, and instead will instill a sense of discipline in him.

What you need to know 
Reading one extra chapter during study time, not watching television today, no toys this month, cut in pocket money, cleaning the dining table after dinner for five days, etc -- these are some tailor made punishments that are very effective with kids around five years of age. In such cases there is no harsh talk, no arguments, no scolding and no spanking, whereas the kid gets to learn a lot of things on the pretext of getting punishment.

The kid definitely takes it well because he has nothing to lose. But doing these activities which are not a part of his daily routine does act as a deterrent, and the child become more and more conscious about not making mistakes that would lead to such punishments.

Do Not Be Harsh
Apart from the ones mentioned you can come up with anything that suits the temperament and age of the child. Just ensure that it is not too harsh on the child and his self respect is not harmed. This is a great way to make your child disciplined without being harsh.

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