Your Child Has A Stronger Emotional Attachment With You Now

Your Child Has A Stronger Emotional Attachment With You Now
Forming Relationships

Your kid is most attached to you and your spouse compared to any other relation during this age. Though the public display of emotions like hugging, kissing are not found in children at this age, they are still attached to their parents.

What you need to know
It is seen that a child who is emotionally attached to their parents is better in coping with their emotions and additionally maternal warmth helps to regulate positive emotions in them. Discuss mutual goals and plans with your children regularly and show them you care for and love them always. Touching, hugging, patting are a sure way to let them know that you care for them, even in times of anger or distress. Studies have shown that the more attached and secure the child feels about the relationship with parents, the less anxiety in their later stages.
By now you know your kid is very curious and due to the peers and the pressure of performing, is in need of a person to talk to them about their happiness, anxieties and help them in coping. So be available to your kid always. This means listening attentively, making eye contact while they are unwinding, knowing their friends and peers who they are close with. This helps to have better communication between parent & kid. Emotionally connected children trust their parents more and are easy to discipline and get motivated to please their parents.