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Your Child Has An Independent Streak Now- But He Still Needs Your Attention

Your Child Has An Independent Streak Now- But He Still Needs Your Attention
5 to 6 years child growth

You see your 5 year old child taking on the world on their own and you think that now you can step back and relax. Seeing the independent streak in the child developing gives many parents the wrong perception that your child does not need your attention anymore. But this is far from the truth. In fact every time your child whines, misbehaves, shouts or cries, it is to get your attention.

What you need to know
Your child still looks up to you for everything. They might not be showing it verbally or in action so much as they keep growing but as parents you must know that the need is still there. Children who do not get enough attention from their parents in their young age tend to have attention-seeking behavioural issues when they grow older.

How kids demand attention
Many a time, children see that their parents are not paying attention to them when they are on their best behaviour and the only way to get their attention is to behave badly, cry or whine. This conditions their mind into believing that this is the best way to get noticed. As parents you need to be careful to acknowledge and attend to the child whenever they demand attention. Your inattentiveness can set your child on a path of bad behaviour for life.