Your Child Has Become More Proficient In Finger Control For Various Tasks

Your little one is becoming an expert in doing many tasks that involves his small finger muscles. You will see him using one of his hands consistently to perform his day to day activities. He will be able to dress himself and do other hygiene tasks independently. He will be good at handling different writing tools like using scissors and write letters inside the lines in his school books. Besides, he can  open packages, use a fork and knife together to cut soft foods, play the piano, string small beads, tie shoelaces to name a few. His well developed fine motor skills along with growing independence will help him accomplish many tasks. Your Child Has Become More Proficient In Finger Control For Various Tasks

What you need to know

While working on handwriting,  than going for the regular handwriting drills like practice workbooks, get your child to create the family food shopping list, making a “wish list” etc.

Get your little one to use his free time in cutting shapes, drawing and colouring, playing string games. These will improve finger strength and hand eye coordination.




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