Your Child Has Become Skilled In Games Like Hopscotch

Your Child Has Become Skilled In Games Like Hopscotch

Your child is now able to use his muscles properly while adjusting to changes in movement. His balance and coordination is well developed and he can take on challenging games while playing with his peers. Games like hopscotch where he jumps using one foot, standing on the trampoline with just one leg on the surface, standing on a flat platform swing, balancing on a beam are few games where his balancing skills are put to test. 

What you need to know

Safety is key while playing the balancing games. Adult supervision and use of mats, pillows will ensure your child is safe.

If your child is unable to do the balancing game, don’t insist or be critical.  You can show him how to do it and encourage him to go for it. It can take some time and eventually he will be able to perform. 

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