Your Child Has Better Self-Awareness Now

Your Child Has Better Self-Awareness Now
Verbal language

At this stage, your lovely child is more accustomed with his habits, and aware of his personality, likes, and dislikes. Self-awareness is an important emotion that kids learn at this age. It is very important for the kid to be aware of his feelings so that he knows how to act in such a way that it does not affect others.

What you need to know
Self-awareness in a kid could be realizing what he thinks about himself, it could also be the realization of what others think about them. Kids with self-awareness will have more confidence and know how to make things work, can understand others’ feelings and how his actions can impact or affect others. The self-awareness slowly builds in the kid and makes him/her aware of their capabilities to achieve anything.

What you can do 
As a parent you can make them realize this emotion by showing their strengths and weakness in the beginning and how to grow with it or overcome it to make oneself stronger. Provide your kid with attainable goals in completing their homework or other household work and praise them appropriately for their effort and skills. If they fail in it, show them how they can improve or use their strengths to do it in a better way. This allows the kid to accept the responsibilities and makes them aware of their strengths and weakness and how to manage them. Having your kid express their feelings, both the strengths & weaknesses openly, helps them to develop a positive self-image and manage strong emotions later in their life.