Your Child Has Increasing Self Awareness And Growing Independence

Your 6+ year old is becoming more aware about the environment where he is on his own- be it at school and his peers, at the playground, birthday parties, extracurricular activities etc.

What you need to know
Through these experiences, his personality shapes up. For instance, your child will now be learning not to hurt someone’s feelings by being critical. Also there is a high need for things to get accomplished. He will want to do things perfectly; in the process he can be hard on himself if his performance is not up to the mark. For instance, if he gets one mistake in his dictation test, he will feel very bad and upset about the same. On the other hand, if he has done well, he will feel proud of his achievement and will share it with his friends and family members.
He wants to feel special and seeks recognition. He will also have a tendency to amuse people with stories about himself and will expect others to be as interested in them as he is. Incidents can make him either very happy or totally unhappy. He finds it difficult to see the middle ground. This is natural as he is trying to organize and categorize the world around him. As he is trying to become more independent and aware of the things around him, still the centre of universe will for all purposes be him only at this age.Your Child Has Increasing Self Awareness And Growing Independence

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