Your Child Has Musical Favorites Now- See How That Helps in His Development

Your Child Has Musical Favorites Now- See How That Helps in His Development
Vocalizing needs

With your child's cognitive growth happening at a quick pace alongside the blooming of his sensory skills, he now has some favourites in music as well. This is indeed a great element that you can let contribute to your child's development. Before you pick songs for your kid, keep in mind that your child benefits from doing more than just listening. To get the full benefits of music, children need to sing, clap and dance along with the tunes.

What you need to know

Singing and moving to music tells the brain to make meaning of it. Audiation in music is like thinking in language. We learn by practicing it, making sounds and essentially training our brains. The brain can only develop its musical comprehension if we tell it to through voicing and dancing, not through simply listening.

What you need to do

As you start to build your child’s music library, focus on interaction with the music that will help train your child’s musical ear. In order to challenge your child musically, aim for a variety of rhythms and tonalities, or songs that are in different keys. Play adult quality music, also best to play music that does not have strident tone quality, that is, music that changes its sound frequently. As you expand your child’s library, consider adding classical music especially if the piece tells a story or teaches your child about instrumentation. Children can learn about specific instruments while learning a story. A programmed classical piece is going to help children feel comfortable with classical music and get the story at the same time.

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