Your Child Has Started Forming Personal Opinions

Your Child Has Started Forming Personal Opinions
Verbal language

This age that your child is currently in, is a transition stage as they are no longer little kids nor in their pre-teens yet. They are at a stage where they are trying to assert their views but are too young to be convincing yet. It leads to a lot of frustration in them and this causes some behavioural issues.

What you need to know

At this age your child is getting better at physical, cognitive and socialising skills. Your child is now able to express themselves better and has started having personal opinions about everything. Your child is no longer willing to accept everything you say and do without questioning. They will argue more, question more and assert more. As parents you will see a sudden change in their behaviour.

As these ‘big kids’ are trying to explore their boundaries they will invariably get into trouble with their parents and peer group. Not being able to convince their parents to their demands they might resort to lying, defiance, back talk and aggression. This is common as children this age are experiencing emotional swings and are still developing their self-esteem. It is important for parents at this time to lay the foundation for proper discipline in your child. Good communication with your child and clear expectations setting will help the two of you work together for a healthy parent-child relationship.

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