Your Child Is A Better Problem Solver Now

Your Child Is A Better Problem Solver Now
Problem solving

Your bundle of joy is working towards being a problem solver. Predictability of activities is still preferred by him, but he can adjust when things don't turn out as planned. This is an interesting phase in his life, and a much gratifying one for you.

What you need to know

There will be several instances where your little one will don the cap of a problem solver. For instance, he wants to wear his favorite red shirt today, but its gone for ironing. He will look for an alternate shirt to wear. He will try to find solution to the problem on his own before asking for help.

Don't be surprised of you more questions than before. “ Am I doing the sums correctly"? "Should I try to do it this way?" His approach will be more experimental. Let him observe things carefully and explain what he sees in his own words.
Help him by probing with questions like: What is it doing? What is it? etc. As he is asking questions and explaining back to you, he is building on abstract thinking skills. For instance, a subtraction problem - 'From total 40 chocolates, 20 has been distributed. I have to find out how much is left'? Hence at this age, by putting on different lenses of an enquirer, communicator, observer and problem solver, he is building on his learning skills.

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