Your Child Is Able To Catch A Ball With Both The Hands

Even when your child was just an 18 month old bundle of energy, he could throw a ball using his whole hand but catching is a different ball game altogether. Catching is much more complicated than throwing and most kids by the age of 4 are able to get some hang of it. Catching requires a lot of hand eye coordination, mental calculation, reflexes and timing. It requires both physical and mental development to judge the timing, move the hands at the right time and to the right position and then clasp them together to grab a flying ball. Your Child Is Able To Catch A Ball With Both The Hands

What you need to know

Practice makes a man perfect and that applies for your toddler as well. Take him to park every day and let him have as much practice at throwing and catching as he can. Be a great playmate to your child, encourage him, appreciate him and within no time he will be running and catching the ball single handed.




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