Your Child Is Able To Control Impulses With A Few Reminders From Adults

Your Child Is Able To Control Impulses With A Few Reminders From Adults
Self Regulation

Your little one experiences the same emotions that we as adults do, but he often fails to understand them, and has difficulty in processing his feelings into appropriate actions.

What you need to know

Your little one is notoriously distracted and forgetful, so it is important to provide timely reminders about planned activities and expectations. For example- you could tell your child that dinner is in 30 minutes, and then provide 15 and 5 minute reminders so he knows how much play time he has left on the computer. Reminders about family rules are also helpful, like remind your little one that he has to hold your hand in the mall when you go shopping, and that running away is not allowed. Your child does not have a level of maturity yet, so it is important to help him by turning necessary tasks into activities he will want to part take in. Motivate him to help with household chores, school work, or community clean-up that will lay a foundation for responsibility in later years. Many of your child’s favorite games can help him improve impulse control, while he is having fun and spending time with you. Sometimes your kid may hear you but not comprehend the instructions you have provided. Ask him to repeat back what you have just said so you know he understands and can articulate it. Finally, to teach him impulse control is to practice good strategies yourself and lead by an example. Practice what you preach and teach, and refrain from engaging in behaviors you would rather not see your child exhibit. 

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