Your Child Is Able To Draw Figures Using Basic Shapes

Your sunshine has attained total body, eye and mind coordination. The urge to correlate figures with certain objects comes to him naturally and he constantly craves to put it in his depiction. The dire need to excel every time is the characteristic of your child at this age.

What you need to know

More likely chances are your kid must be in 2nd grade and is well aware of basic shapes so more likely he will indulge himself in tracing out his prized possession like cars, pets, cartoons, toys, and at times someone he cherishes or admires. Though his drawings are a replica of the basics he has learnt throughout these years but what matters most is his feelings for the same. Your child now has become mentally as well as emotionally strong who connects with feelings and associations. Your kiddo will make sure that his creation has all the basic features at their right place.

Your Child Is Able To Draw Figures Using Basic Shapes

He will maintain eyes, ears, nose and facial features intact by putting a circle or a triangle for the same. You can make most of the time as kids run away from math and you can easily teach him the concept of arithmetic by using the symbols in his work. Pattern recognition, shapes and arithmetic can be made easier as he will feel connected towards his own figures and thus his learning curve will show always a upward trend. A practical display is always better than a theoretical one. Keep doing the hard work and your baby will climb the ladders of success easily.

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