Your Child Is Able To Mimic The Accent Accurately That He Hears Most Often

At this stage, your child is able to speak more complex sentences as adults  and he is also able to mimic the accent accurately that he hears most often. His brain is more capable of doing and grabbing many things by now. Linguistically, his speech is fluent and now he can speak fluently with number of complex words in his vocabulary. He will feel more confident in himself and his learning ability also expands from leaning through observation. Now he will inquire, discover, learn and observe his surroundings more to experience and develop numerous skills.Your Child Is Able To Mimic The Accent Accurately That He Hears Most Often

What you need to know

Your child will make use of language for multiple goals, such as to gain information. This is really a great time to encourage your child in those skills that help him in learning. Encourage your child to use verbal or written communication as much as possible. Your child will learn through experiences so give your child exposure to books.  Regular visits to the library will increase his vocabulary, imagination, and desire to learn. Anything that involves more higher thinking is really a great way to get your child to continue to learn and grow. Narrate stories to him, read some good articles or news  and ask questions and encourage him to explain the story in his own words, give ample opportunities to your child to express himself. Focus on correct spelling and grammar and correct him when he makes mistake.




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