Your Child Is Able To Relate & Remember Time Of Day-To-Day Activities

Your baby has now a lot of stored information in his memory and he will be using this information from time to time. Repetition is the key to all this memory. Activities that are done on a daily basis are something that will be best remembered. He is now better aware of the schedule of the day and remembers what comes next.

What you need to know

If you stick to the daily routine then your baby knows what is going to happen next and starts preparing for it accordingly. For example, if every evening after his milk he goes to the park then you will notice that once he has finished his milk he will go to get his shoes. You need not remind him and he knows that after dinner it is time for storytelling. It is however important to stick to his routine as much as possible as this helps in the development of his sequential thinking.

Your Child Is Able To Relate & Remember Time Of Day-To-Day Activities




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