Your Child Is Able To Sequence The Activities Based On The Time Of The Day It Is Done

Now, at this stage, your child learns abstractions. He is very well versed with the concept of today, tomorrow, and yesterday and thus links time concept with the work done at that particular hour. He is confident enough to acknowledge the hour in a clock. He understands what needs to be done at a particular time be it bathing, eating, playing, or for that matter whatever you expect him to do. His brain works in tandem with the clock to which he acts accordingly.Your Child Is Able To Sequence The Activities Based On The Time Of The Day It Is Done

What you need to know:

Time is a most valuable resource to anyone available thus you must teach your kid to respect it but for the same, you need to teach the concept concretely. Set strict rules and a time table for your kid and ensure that it is followed rigorously. It often helps him to be disciplined and sets targets for him to compete a task. You may achieve all this by asking your kid to prepare a time table and abide by it and the same will fetch him rewards and punishments. While rewarding your child do not keep more of the materialistic things, appreciation and applaud and often extending a grace period for his favorite activity should suffice. His time should be set with keeping in mind that watching TV and similar activities like play station and mobiles get the least slot. Physical outdoor activities and interesting brain churning indoor activities must be stressed upon. 

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