Your Child Is Able To Willingly Separate From You To Play With Her Friends

Your little child is now becoming a big boy and ready to face the world on his own, at least when he is playing. Kids this age do need their parents all the time but are also willing to separate from them for some time to explore on their own. His self-confidence is improving and with better social skills he is able to keep himself involved with his friends. Group plays and pretend plays are more fun now and he is able to loose himself in his imaginative world without any concern of whether or not you are around.Your Child Is Able To Willingly Separate From You To Play With Her Friends

What you need to know

The more exposure your baby gets with his friends, the better will be his social skills. Arrange play dates at your place or his friend’s place and you will also have more free time in your hand to pursue your hobbies.




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