Your Child Is All About Hop Hop All The Way!

Your Child Is All About Hop Hop All The Way!
Muscle Strength

Your child has crossed that phase of dependence, and can now walk and talk on their own. The age of 3-4 is the time when you have to refine your child’s mental and physical fitness by helping the kid learn new activities.

What you need to know

Utilize the child’s fun time so that they do not lose focus. Observe if your pre-schooler has developed a good body balance; only then proceed with tasks such as jumping and hopping forward. Start off with the basic steps. Ask the kid to jump at a particular spot. Demonstrate the action and also participate with the child yourself as this would boost their confidence.

The next step is to teach them to jump forward. Make sure they do not fall by holding their body when they try to hop forward. Similarly, you can make them jump backwards or ask them to hop on to a step. This activity will help the child gain a healthy body.