Your Child is All Ready to Become A Tiny-Winy Sport Star

Your Child is All Ready to Become A Tiny-Winy Sport Star
Muscle Strength

Your kid has started walking and even runs in the house when they are happy. This is the right time when you must utilize their physical abilities so that they can learn new things. You will be glad to know that your little champ is already a cute tiny-winy sport star in the making!

What you need to know
Introduce playing various games in the playground which is very important for an active body. Children who don’t play or move are found to develop mood swings which are not a good thing. You can be your child’s coach in the playing arena. Start with the basics. Make the child run behind you so that they learn about balance. The next step is to use a soft medium sized ball which can be easily kicked by the kid.

Demonstrate the leg movement so that the child can learn how to play with the ball. You might have to try it quite a few times but be calm with your approach. Pass the ball to the kid and wait for them to imitate you. Once they learn to kick it, increase the distance and then make them kick again. This is a fun activity that would also make your child happy.

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