Your Child Is All Set For Some Challenging Physical Activities

Your child's gross motor skills have strengthened by heaps and bounds over these years and now that he is above 7 years of age, he is totally ready for some challenging physical activities. Gross motor skills are the movement of the legs, hands, feet or entire body in a child. This skill helps in providing balance, control and stability needed for developing and refining fine motor skills in kids.

What you need to know

As a parent of 7-8 year old, you can watch them catch a ball or an object with one hand; they can also aim and throw at a target accurately. You can see that they can jump and are able to land on both feet together, stand or hop on one foot, ride a 2 wheel cycle without supporting wheels.Your Child Is All Set For Some Challenging Physical Activities

As your child is going through a phase of understanding the physical awareness in their body, they try to make use of that strength in various physical activities. Thus their confidence in experimenting with challenging activities will increase. Upper body movements like throwing, catching and arm swinging are connected to the development of fine motor skills like writing, sitting erect etc.

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