Your Child Is Capable Of Emphasizing On Punctuation As They Read

Your Child Is Capable Of Emphasizing On Punctuation As They Read

At this stage, your little one is ready to move a step forward, as he is now ready to monitor his own reading. Your kid has now started reading to learn new information, and is also reading for his fluency. Your sweetie pie is now 7 years old, and you need to talk to your kiddo about the process of reading and how he can gain accuracy in it, primitive of which is he can now put emphasis on various punctuations like commas, colons, and full stops as he reads.

What you need to know

At this point, you will notice that your kiddo most likely has learnt about punctuation and is using it to read with correct emphasis and expression. It is a great way to understand if your little one is heading towards the right path of reading process or not. So whenever you read to your sweetie pie, read aloud and punctuate your reading carefully by reading with expression which indicates the exclamation marks, commas etc. By this, not only will you set an example of how to use them, but also you are aiming at your child's fluency at reading. 

However, make sure that you correct your little one gently, if he makes any mistake while reading. Help him to segment the word by giving him different clues. Always remember that your kid is still learning the techniques of reading process, so don't rush him. Give him enough time to pronounce the word right by allowing him to attempt it for a few number of times.