Your Child is Currently Undergoing A Lot of Psychological Changes

Your little one at this point is not just an evolved version of his tiny self physically, but also has a list of psychological changes undergoing. Children develop rapidly. One day they are trying to walk on all fours and suddenly, they decide to run! But apart from the obvious physical changes, your child is rapidly transitioning in terms of psychological aspects.

What you need to know

You can use this list of psychological developments as a checklist to help nurture your child. For instance, they will have a larger attention span, about 5-10 minutes. And they will have reasoning based on appearance. So, a pile would look bigger than a train of the same size. They will learn to develop attitudes about what’s right and wrong while trying to sort out imaginary from pretend.Your Child is Currently Undergoing A Lot of Psychological Changes

Psychologically, this is the age when they begin to thrive on praise and enjoy being obedient. They learn to share different things and even become aware of what others are thinking about them. Their imagination and fantasy is at an all-time high and so is their curiosity. They will ask several questions and have endless queries.




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