Your Child Is Day By Day Getting More Capable Of Having Adult Like Conversation

Language development in your child in the early years of school is very rapid. Your sweetheart starts learning more and longer words. She is now skilled at putting words together in new ways. She also tries to combine sounds to make words and sentences. You may notice that, her plays are getting more complex now, filled with lots of fantasy and drama.Your Child Is Day By Day Getting More Capable Of Having Adult Like Conversation

What you need to know 

Your child is becoming more social and prefers to play with friends but gets confused between different emotions like frustration or jealousy. Your bundle of joy might become a chatter box at this stage. She has started to understand kids' jokes and riddles.

What you can do

At this stage, you have to be very careful. Although, your 'kiddo loves to be independent, she still needs your love and attention. Play different sports and do recreational activities together. Talk about your child's feeling, treat her like a grown up and clear her doubts.




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