Your Child is Fit to Acquire Knowledge Through Adventure Now

Your Child is Fit to Acquire Knowledge Through Adventure Now

Your bundle of joy is full of energy and you have to provide various avenues to channelize the energy. One wonderful way will be to play games which will help him build social, math and emotional skills.

What you need to know
Choosing the age appropriate games is a challenge. If the game is not interesting, he may get bored. Know your child’s interest and introduce games. Have fun playing with your child, at the same time let the games teach him simple lessons which can benefit him.

For instance, if you are intending to build your child’s language, phonics and spellings, complete and make up word searches. Play word games like scrabble. Spot words within words to make up new words. While going to a restaurant and waiting for food, make your child write words starting from alphabet A or let him write a few rhyming words like sing, ring etc. Time will pass as well as it will be fun for your child.

What you can do
If you want to build his listening skills, make riddles about an object or a person like- she wears skirts, has grey hair, etc. Who is she? Let him guess. While reading stories to him, you can make it even more engaging and lively by using props. For example, for The Hungry Caterpillar Story- use a caterpillar soft toy and narrate the story.

For building his artistic skills, make beautiful bookmarks using glue, glitter, paints. While going on a car journey, get your child to read the road signs. Read books from the I Spy series- I Spy Cars, I Spy Car Journeys during the trip. If it’s a long trip, get him to make his packing list well in advance. Besides imparting lessons, these games and activities will also help him handle competition early. This is important as children can't handle winning and losing graciously until they are about nine. Above all, by playing with him, you are teaching, spending quality time and having fun in the process.

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