Your Child is Getting Ready to Use The Stairs Now

Wow! Your champ's physical growth is happening in full swing! You must have cherished that moment when your child walked for the first time. They are growing up and have now developed a good control over their walking skills. This is the perfect time to teach them how to use the stairs.

What you need to know 

Most parents find it difficult to teach this task to their kids. You have to be patient in your approach and make sure this training happens safely. The first step should be to teach the kid how to climb a single step. Demonstrate it to them by holding the railing and putting one leg up and then the other. The child will observe and imitate you. Be close to your kid as they might fall or lose balance. Try it every day till they gain a good grip and learn to perfect the motion.Your Child is Getting Ready to Use The Stairs Now

The next step is to teach them how to come down the stairs. Verbally impart the information to the little one that the use of the railing is always important in both the activities. If they don’t follow it then guide them by walking up and down with them.




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