Your Child Is In Dire Need Of Positive Encouragement For A Lot Of Reasons

As your child hits the middle years, you will see a lot difference in their behaviour. There would be times that your child’s aggression, selfishness and tantrums will put you on the edge and in your frustration you will scold the child with all kinds of harsh words.

What you need to know
Always remember that it is easier to criticise than to compliment. Bad behaviour becomes more obvious and noticeable than the good behaviour. You will notice whenever your child is yelling and crying but fail to notice every time the child sits down quietly with a book or a toy. As a result you will yell at the child for bad behaviour but forget to shower praise for good behaviour. It is important to pay attention to the good behaviour also because the positive encouragement at this time will shape your child’s character.

What you need to do
Whenever your child is being a good child, praise your child, and tell them exactly what is it that you like about the behaviour and how happy it makes you. Descriptive praises helps boost the child’s self-esteem and helps to build good behaviour. When you praise your child for good behaviour they are more likely to behave this way.
In fact praises at the right time can work better than criticising. Instead of trying to remove the bad behaviour from your child’s character try to build on the existing good behaviour.Your Child Is In Dire Need Of Positive Encouragement For A Lot Of Reasons

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