Your Child Is In Dire Need To Reflect Good Public Behaviour At This Point

Your child is no longer of the age where they used to babble and gesture to express themselves. They have now learnt to talk which is a wonderful thing. Don’t let this newfound ability affect your kid’s behaviour and actions in a negative way. You need to teach your kid how to be formal and well-behaved when in public.

What you need to know

Most children act aggressively and behave in a boisterous manner when they want anything during a market stroll. Parents must make their kid learn to speak in a soft voice. If they want anything then they must ask the parents using words like ‘Please, ‘May’ etc.Your Child Is In Dire Need To Reflect Good Public Behaviour At This Point

The little ones must also be taught how to greet people whom they meet. Hand gestures along with a ‘hello’ should be practiced so that the kid can add these to their habits. Teach the kid to stay close and hold your hand when travelling in a crowded place. If they do something wrong then, apart from being verbal, use your expressions to make them feel apologetic.




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