Your Child is Likely To Be A Picky Eater Now

Your Child is Likely To Be A Picky Eater Now

Your child has now grown into a picky eater. He has developed his taste buds to prefer his favourite food items. You can now analyse your kid's diet so that he stays healthy. If he is overweight then watch over his eating habits so that he doesn’t grow obese.

What you can do

A regular diet of milk, yogurt and cheese is important for bone development. Do not let the kid touch junk food. To cut the flab make sure the child is eating food at regular intervals. Do not let the kid munch on anything outside meal time. Fruits and green vegetables are important for every child during their growing age.

Try keeping him away from sugary foods and beverages. Early morning a cereal diet should be a must for the little one. Make sure the kid develops physical activities in order to keep himself fit. A good water intake should be planned for the kid. Teach the child to consume water at regular intervals.




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