Your Child Is Likely To Be Less Cranky During Diaper Change

Your Child Is Likely To Be Less Cranky During Diaper Change
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Changing a diaper seems like one of the most hassling tasks for both you and your child. Your little one will kick, scream, wriggle and do all kinds of gymnastics just to free himself. However, you must have noticed that your child is slowly getting a little bit calmer during these sessions. It is not so much of a struggle anymore and instead of becoming a dreadful chore your child feels more gratified on being given a change of diaper. This in fact can become a moment when the two of you can strengthen your bond and develop a closer partnership.

What you need to know

Children hate being interrupted. So if you are planning to change the diaper while your toddler is in the middle of a play you are sure to face resistance. Instead wait for a break in your child’s play or when you two are simply having a conversation. Instead of trying to distract your child while you are changing the diaper, get him involved by asking him to lift his legs, twist the body, etc. Make it like a game and soon your child will actually look forward to the changing sessions not just for the feel of a fresh diaper but also for those few minutes of playtime with you.