Your Child Is Likely To Be More Grumpy These Days

Your Child Is Likely To Be More Grumpy These Days

As your child embarks on the age of 3 and grows mentally and physically, it is quite important to work on their emotions as well as expressions. You as a parent must learn things that are necessary to keep the child happy. However, that can be tricky since these days the transitional phase of learning, unlearning, and exploring is likely to make him more grumpy.

What you need to know

If the child doesn’t like a particular dish then don’t offer it too often. There are many cases across the globe where children are growing stubborn and grumpy at an early age. Parents must keep a note of all those activities at this age to which the child reacts either positively or negatively. This will help in knowing their likes and dislikes.

Sit with your little one and teach them different expressions. Tickle or play with your child to maintain a happy environment that will automatically bring a smile to the baby’s face. If ever you see your child making a dull face or upset, then cheer them up with their favourite toy. At this growing age you can introduce your child to colour or picture books that would keep them interested.