Your Child Is Likely To Be More Stubborn Now and More Disobedient

Your child is now having a relentless sense of independence, because of which he may show some stubborn behaviour, throw tantrums, and also disobedience.

Has your child stopped listening to you and won't do anything you tell them to do? Everything and nothing depends on age. A 3 year old not listening and an 8 year old not listening are two different issues. One is simply more expected than the other. But there is a degree of severity, frequency and causality of misbehavior that comes into play with every child and that is unique to any child.

What you need to know
There are so many refusals that you either are fighting with the child 90 percent of time, or they give up and stop making requests. In either case, simmering anger and resentment are at an all time high. It isn’t pretty. But these refusals aren't necessarily a bad thing.

Your Child Is Likely To Be More Stubborn Now and More Disobedient

In no time, your child will start to become more and more independent. Because you have fulfilled their emotional and attachment needs, and your child’s brain has grown, and this new brain says, "Hey! Let’s go try some new stuff!''

And furthermore, ''I am my own person and no one is in charge of me!" The child will start to form all kinds of opinions not previously apparent and start to assert a newfound will.

What you can do

Always try to maintain good communication with your child and try using words that have a positive impact. You must remember that this transitional phase of your child is quite delicate and you won't do any good by adhering to giving threats to your child, which will only make them further stubborn. Take it easy and always let your child know that you are there to guide them.




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