Your Child Is Likely to Be Over Sensitive To Smells

Your Child Is Likely to Be Over Sensitive To Smells
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Your child at this age has started asserting himself and has started putting forward his choices vocally. If they do not like something, they will show their resentment through words or actions. Your child can be quite over sensitive to smells right now, and there's nothing abnormal about it. There are some children this age who cannot stand the smell of soap or shampoo and refuse to use them because of the smell. The smell of some food can even make them puke. 

What you need to know

Some parents of middle age children complain that their child is over sensitive to smell. Almost no smell is good for their child and food especially smells horrible. Actually this is not a problem that has developed overnight. Your child had this oversensitivity for years but till the time your child was small you were willing to indulge your child, but not anymore.

Most children who are over sensitive to smell would be underweight and small for their age. This is because they are picky eaters and are not willing to try new food due to the smell. They would only stick to some food items that do not have a strong smell. Some children this age will even refuse to sit at the same table while others are eating. These children will also have some compulsive habits like smelling their hands repeatedly, smelling their clothes before wearing, pushing away when being hugged because they do not like the smell of perfume, etc.

If your child is one of these it is best to visit a doctor to find out the root cause. Many a time, it is seen that this over sensitivity to smell can be overcome by giving a supplement of Zinc to the child. Deficiency of Zinc is at times the cause that plays havoc with your child’s sense organs.

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