Your Child is Likely to be Whining For Things Now

Your child at this stage is quite prone to whining for every little thing and this can really get on the nerves of you. Nothing is more annoying to parents than a constantly whining child.  The problem is especially troublesome when you have company. It could look like a blot on your parenting style.

What you need to know
We know how self-centred kids this age are. They are just focussed on their needs and wants. All their actions and words are controlled by their needs. Most children whine because it works for them. They have identified it as a trigger to get their parents to act the way they want. As whining is so irritating parents generally give in to the demands just to get some peace.

What you can do
Most of the time, children do not even know how irritating their behaviour is. It would help to get your child’s whining recorded and show it to the child in a fun way to make them understand how inappropriate the behaviour is. Not giving in to the demands of a whining child is easier said than done but do remember that it is the only sure shot way to get your child to give up the habit of whining.

Your Child is Likely to be Whining For Things Now




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