Your Child is Likely to Communicate Through Whining

Your Child is Likely to Communicate Through Whining
Non-verbal cues

Your kid at this stage is likely to whine a lot, about things big or small. So if your kid is into whining, it is not an abnormality but if there is a lot of whining going on all the time then you need to identify the cause for it. For many children it is not just a behavioural issue but a common way to communicate with parents.

What you need to know
You might notice that your kid whines only when talking to you and is absolutely normal when talking to others. Have you ever wondered why? Whining is actually their way of getting your attention. Your child is no more a little baby and does not want to howl and throw a tantrum, instead they resort to the high pitched whine that you are bound to notice.

Your child might ask for something or seek your attention in a polite manner the first few minutes but when you fail to give the required attention they resort to whining. This is their conscious strategy to get your attention. It is important as parents to give attention to the child on the first instance rather than wait for the child to get distressed and resort to whining. With time if the child feels that whining is the only way to get the parent’s attention then it will become a habit and a part of their personality.

What you need to do
As parents how you react to whining will set the course for future actions for your child. Besides giving the child your full attention when demanded, make sure that you spend time with your child doing activities that you both like. Consistently and lovingly conveying to the child that whining is not acceptable and will not give the desired results will reduce their whining habit.

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