Your Child Is Likely To Do Simple Science Experiments

Your Child Is Likely To Do Simple Science Experiments
Cognitive Development

At this stage, your boy can understand simple science concepts. He discovers concepts like rubbing of a comb on dry hair attracts bits of paper, the objects with density lesser than that of water will float and those of higher density than water will sink. Example: sedimentation, leaf floats, and stone sinks in water.

What you need to know: 

At this age, encourage your kiddo to ask questions about things around him which will arouse his curiosity. Now it’s a great time to try basic science experiments at home with him. Example: dropping an egg in the water to find its freshness, lighting a candle and closing it with a glass tumbler, the candle puts off showing it requires oxygen to burn. Do not expect him to be a perfectionist. Appreciate his creativity instantly. Praise his efforts rather than judging the results. You will observe his enthusiasm and enjoyment while conducting these basic experiments. This is an opportunity for him to discover new things. These science experiments will enable him to learn something cool in a fun way and he will eagerly wait for the next one.