Your Child Is Likely To Enjoy Solving Slightly Complex Puzzles

Now that your little child has mastered her fine motor skills, her fingers work beautifully around small puzzle pieces as well. Puzzles will be that stand-alone activity that can keep your child be occupied for hours. It is not just a great pass-time but plays a very important role in the development of your child. Your child can now handle more complicated, 20 pieces puzzles too. She can now independently manage rotating the pieces and fixing it at the right place without much help from you.Your Child Is Likely To Enjoy Solving Slightly Complex Puzzles

What you need to know

Puzzles play a critical role in cognitive development, visual perception and motor skills of your child. Puzzles teach children critical skills like patience, perseverance and also give them a sense of accomplishment on completing the puzzle. Choosing the right age appropriate puzzle is important as it will keep your child challenged, motivated and engaged at the same time.

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