Your Child is Likely to Face Confidence Crisis Now

Your Child is Likely to Face Confidence Crisis Now
Verbal language

At this stage, with too many things and changes happening at once, your child may suddenly feel a confidence crisis wherein his self-esteem might go low and he may face difficulty coping with his shyness and apprehension.

While there are children seemingly born with supreme self-esteem who carry that confidence into adulthood, they are few and far between. Most of us will find ourselves with a child who struggles with issues like shyness, fitting in, standing their ground or speaking their mind.

What you need to know

Sometimes, reading the words of someone who is not Mom or Dad helps cement a lesson or a concept in a child’s mind far more than you can understand. Building a strong foundation of self-esteem and confidence means equipping your child with lifelong social, practical, physical and emotional skills.

You must be careful about bringing up your child in society too. You have an important role to build confidence in your child. Observe your child as they socially interact with others; for example, silently watch when they play with other children. If your child is comfortable dealing with their peers, then you can be assured that your child has accepted the challenge to build their self confidence. Try to encourage your child by giving them simple tips to become more confident in their life.