Your Child Is Likely To Fear Failure A Lot

Your child is trying out new things. He fears failure, is anxious and worried about the outcome. As a parent, he wants you to be there and ensure his safety.

What you need to know

Your Child Is Likely To Fear Failure A Lot

By being over protective you will limit his emotional growth and slow down his independence. Instead, you can help him by easing his fear, showing him what’s achievable and being there for him. This will foster greater independence in him.

One way to teach your child to be independent is to model independence yourself. For example, you are finding it difficult to open the lid of a pickle jar. Still you are trying, not giving up and doing your best to open the lid without anyone's help. This sends the message to your child to persevere with things and not give up easily. He also gets an understanding of how well you manage your fears and tough tasks.

Ask for your kid’s opinions

Make your child feel important by asking his opinions and advice on small tasks. For instance, if you are buying flower pots for the garden or any decorative piece for the living room, ask his opinion. This will nourish his self esteem and build his confidence.

What you can do

As your child gets a sense of doing things on his own, help the independence grow by making him do more of his own stuff like keeping his plate in the kitchen sink, folding his clothes, keeping his room clean etc. In this process he understands he is responsible for his own stuff.

Encourage your child to be more self reliant and confident gradually but genuinely as he grows.

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